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Wedding Favors Succulent Wraps with Handle, Kraft Paper and White - plants not included

Evergreen Farm Nursery

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Succulent Wraps for Wedding Favors as Thank You Gift.

Succulent baby shower/wedding favors have exploded in popularity over the past couple of years, and their playful and vibrant nature serve as an inspiration. Give your guests something that will add cheer to their home, like a succulent.

Using our succulents wrappers gives you the assurance of having a lovely gift, customized for you and it saves you a lot of time to focus on many other tasks. When your special day arrives, just put the succulents into our custom printed wrappers and you have the cutest gifts, ready for your guests! We guarantee your guests will love the gifts!

Here are some comments from the customers who gave our products 5 star reviews:
* Love the little succulent holders, well crafted and beautifully customized ❤️. Natalia
* These were so easy to put together. They are going to look great as wedding favors. Kristin
* Great gift for special events. Joel
* Sleeves are so pretty! Can’t wait to use them for my wedding favors! Thank you! Jarpagoe
* They're perfect! Shipping was fast and customer service was awesome. I can't wait to give them as favors at my wedding! Alyssa

Our wrappers are designed using CAD software. The sizes are optimized for the standard 2” succulent pots to have a perfect fit. Individually printed and professionally cut using Silhouette Cameo 4 Plus and Silhouette Studio software. [Not include plants and pots]

Extremely easy to Install: Remove the adhesive liner on the wraps, fold and align the edge to the pre printed guide line. Press firm for 5 seconds. Then remove the adhesive liners on the plastic handle. Align the plastic carrying handle with the pre printed guide line, Press firm for 5 seconds. Perfect fit and ready for the 2" succulent. Succulents are available in separate listing.

Your color options are:

1. Kraft paper with black color handle
2. White Dove with white color handle

We believe in producing top quality products and outstanding customer service. I am 100% confident you won't be disappointed with your purchase.

Thank you for your business.

With love,

Evergreen Farm