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Premium String of Succulent Cuttings

Evergreen Farm Nursery

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Get this Premium String of Succulent Cuttings to quickly collect the most beautiful string of succulents from our farm selection so you can propagate the most desirable and sought after string of succulents.
With this Premium String of Succulent Cuttings, you will have in one package the most desirable varieties of trailing succulents.
You will receive 8 string cuttings 4 inches long as shown in the pictures. In addition, we will include 3 bonus string cuttings.
What is included:
one Variegated String of Hearts,
one Variegated String of Pearls,
one String of Watermelon,
one String of Dolphins,
one String of Ruby Necklace,
one String of Pearls,
one String of Fish Hooks.
one String of Calico Kitten.
Including bonus string cuttings:
one String of Turtles,
one Oscularia Deltoides Pink
one Delospermia Purple
All 11 string of succulent varieties are packaged inside a super cute egg carton with our heart shape label on the top cover.
We believe in producing top quality products and outstanding customer service. I am 100% confident you won't be disappointed with your purchase.
Thank you for your business.
With love,
Evergreen Farm